It’s Okay to Hide in the Bathroom: The Overwhelmed Mom’s Guide to Enjoying Motherhood

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When you are ready for the go-to manual for feeling less overwhelmed and enjoying your children more, it’s time to read “It’s Okay to Hide in the Bathroom: The Overwhelmed Mom’s Guide to Enjoying Motherhood.” If you have lost hope of ever feeling good as a mom, and just want to crawl in a hole when you are around your children, this book is for you. It will take you from ten second fixes, to feeling confident as a mom. Here’s a preview of the chapters. *Ten second fixes – Get started right now to reduce frustration and start connection with your children. *Ten minute fixes – Once you feel more confident as a mom, these are great ways to continue building a relationship with your children. The better you know your children, the more you can enjoy them. *Love your children – Sometimes mothering is done in the trenches, and love helps us do it. *Know thyself – You are a unique and awesome mom. Let’s celebrate it! *Know thy children – Our children are all different. They also feel emotions just like us. *The time and space continuum – Yep, let’s talk about your time and your house. Both contribute to or take away from your enjoyment as a mother. *Creating memories – Family traditions and memories are an important part of enjoying motherhood. *Build a solid foundation – We need to give our children a sense of purpose and belonging. I share how I used Scripture to teach my children that they are part of a bigger picture. *Think long term – The time we have with our little children is so short. We need to think beyond that. Motherhood is tough. I’ve been there. We birth these adorable, sweet little people. We are filled with hopes and dreams of what being a mom is like. And then one day, those little people turn on us and seem determined to destroy us with their incessant needs, questions, and messes. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. But you don’t have to stay there. “It’s Okay to Hide in the Bathroom: The Overwhelmed Mom’s Guide to Enjoying Motherhood” will help you to start truly enjoying your children. We start with ten second fixes, little steps you can take right now to start connecting with and enjoying your children. But that’s just the beginning. I want to give you quick, actionable steps to take when you are feeling overwhelmed. I want you to delight in your children and feel confident in your abilities as a mom. You are not alone in your struggles, but you don’t have to remain overwhelmed. Join me on a humorous, heartfelt journey as I share what I have learned raising seven children. It’s time to enjoy motherhood!

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