I’m looking for article submissions for the Magazine and blog! You may email me at Amy@TorahSisters.com.

If you have a blog and would like to just give me permission to use any of your blog posts and images, send me the link. Even if you have sent it to me before, please send it again with a note of your permission to use articles and images. Also include your author bio. You bio should be around 400 characters, and may include up to two websites.

All contributors should be people who follow Torah and Yeshua as Messiah.

Types of articles I’m looking for:

Practical Torah living

Sabbath traditions

Feast traditions




Family life


Practical ideas for deeper prayer life, Bible study, etc.


Healthy Living

Other fun, practical topics

I’m not looking for spiritual teachings. There are lots of teaching resources out there about why we keep Torah, calendars, etc. This Magazine focuses on the practical side of Torah living.

Please submit the complete text of your article, as well as any photos to go with it. I may use your photos, but I may use stock photos of my choosing instead. Be sure photos are high resolution.

Also include a short author bio including your website address if you have one.

As of today, April 11, 2018, I am planning to expand to offer the Magazine in print as well as online, Yehovah willing. If selected, your article will be published in both the print and online versions. It may also be published as a blog post on TorahSisters.com Your author bio will be included in any and all publication of your article.

If your article is selected and scheduled for publication, I will email you.  Otherwise, I may just keep it until I find the right place for it, or it’s possible I may not use it. But I will try to find a place. I try to offer a mix of topics in each issue. Please submit as many article as you want! I’m looking for lots! Even if you don’t hear back from me for a while, just keep writing and sending me articles.

Email me if you have any questions! Amy@TorahSisters.com. Thank you!


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