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Your listing will appear on the website and in the Magazine! Many many Torah Sisters will see your ad and give you great exposure to a warm audience of women who love to discover new products and services for our community. Please read all of the terms below.

Terms of service:

  • Your ad will not be visible until the admin has approved it.
  • For now, there is just one category. I’ll add more and assign ads as needed.
  • The newest ads show on top.
  • Admin reserves the right to disapprove any ad.
  • Ads must be paid for before they “go live.”
  • Ads must be in keeping with Biblical values. (No cussing, obscene pictures, etc.)
  • Ads for teachings will be approved at the discretion of the admin. For example, you may not post an ad promoting polygamy or anti-missionary type teachings.
  • Ads do not have to be for Torah-related products.
  • Personal/dating ads are not allowed.
  • Ads will also be present in the magazine if submitted and paid for by January 15 (will be in the Spring issue), April 15 (will be in the Summer issue), July 15 (will be in the Fall issue) and October 15 (will be in the the Winter issue.)
  • Complaints about an ad that is fraudulent or an advertiser who doesn’t deliver will result in the ad being removed without a refund and the advertiser being banned. Just treat people right and all will be well.
  • The admin is not responsible for the deals and transactions that are made between parties.
  • The admin does not “vet” advertisers.
  • Do your own due diligence.
  • I cannot guarantee results.


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