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Fall 2019


10 Great Things to do this Shabbat
How to Dress Well on a Budget
Music & Moonlight Yom Teruah Celebration
What Would Gramma Do?
Covenant Women Without Comparison
An Amateur Shabbat
Don’t Miss the Joy
5 Ways to Love Your Man
Baby’s First Fall Feasts: A Sensory Experience


Activities, Recipes and Posters

Scripture Poster 2 Cor 6:18
Sukkot Camping Checklist
Recipe – Crock Pot Chicken Tetrazzini
Recipe – Any Time Any Kind Oatmeal Muffins
Fall Feasts Word Search
Happy Sukkot! Coloring page
Coloring Page – Torah Sisters
Activities for the Day of Atonement
Frugal Sweater Blanket for Sukkot
Scripture Poster Psalm 147:4

Authors / Contributors

Bible Pathway Adventures, Lea DiNonno, Taylor Richards, Andi Schmidt, Victoria Humphrey, Judith (Yehudit) Garton, Jessica Yoder, Anne Elliott, Heidi Cooper, Jan Davis, Christy Jordan. Angela Moutria, Victoria Evanko

Summer 2019


Finding Beauty in the Everyday
Preparing for Sabbath Family Style
Surviving Family Disapproval and Distancing
Truth, as it Relates to Loving Yourself
Five Ways to Overcome Laziness
When Mom has Health Issues
Get Outside this Shabbat


Quick Sew Bed Skirt Apron
Scripture Poster: Encourage One Another
Adult Coloring Page
Recipe: Crock Pot Lasagna
Recipe: Crock Pot Creamed Corn
Recipe: Italian Chicken and Potatoes
12 Tribes of Israel Coloring
12 Tribes of Israel Quiz Worksheet
Butterfly Nectar

Contributing Authors

Anne Elliott, Heidi Cooper, Michelle Huddleston, Taylor Richards, Dani Kerr, Jaimie Bauer, Jennifer Hagner, Lisa Barthuly, Tasha Miller, Christy Jordan

Spring 2019


Passover tables
Hospitality and the lessons we’ve learned
O Israel ~ Remember rest – for your Tzitzits

Making new habits
Spiritual housecleaning
Deep clean your home in 10 Days
A deliciously blessed Passover
How to save a homeschool day gone bad
10 Scriptures that will make you want to garden
Planning for a season of blessings
How to spring clean your diet
How to make Kombucha
5 things that make moms tired


Scripture Passover Poster: Matthew 26:19
Passover Bucket List
Passover Full Meal (Recipes)
Slow Cooker Beef Brisket
Zaatar Asparagus
Spring Fruit Salad
Soft Unleavened Bread
Torah Portions for March, April, May 2019
The first Passover coloring page
The Passover Bible quiz

Contributing Authors

Rachel Banura, Tessa Mitchell, Tina Fallstead, Heidi Cooper, Taylor Richards, Andi Schmidt, Jaimie Bauer, Lisa Barthuly, Christine Miller, Christy Jordan, Kayte Abaffy

Winter 2018


How Others Celebrate Shabbat
Plan with a Purpose
What My Heavenly Father Showed Me Through Kaleb’s Accident
How to Exercise More When You Hate Working Out
Longing for Connection
Why Young People are Leaving the Messianic Faith
Growing Little Disciples
The Master Approach to Kids Chores
Godly Grieving
How Torah Keepers Give Gifts
Keeping Life Uncluttered

Activities, Recipes, Posters

Sabbath Prep Day – Checklist
Torah Portions – December, January & February
Let Your Light Shine Poster
The Easiest DIY Way to Clean a Menorah
Crockpot Salisbury Meatballs
Freezer Chicken Fried Rice
Fruit of the Spirit Coloring
Twelve Tribes of Israel Activity
Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider

Contributing Authors

Jaimie Bauer, Kayte Abbafy, Angela Moutria, Rachel Henderson, Danielle Kerr, Sharon Butler, Christy Jordan, Anne Elliott, Christine Mancuso, Taylor Richards, Heidi Cooper, Pip Reid and Christine Miller

Fall 2018

Low Cost Sukkot Staycation Kid Fun
Our Family Traditions
Five Ways to Mother Your Motherhood
The Sabbath: Five Ways to Ruin It
Stargazing Sukkot Party
Homemade Bug and Tick Repellant
Help! It’s Sukkot and I’m in Charge of the Kids
A Homemade Pumpkin Patch for Sukkot
Helping Special Needs Children Cope with the Feast Days
How to Have Peace in a Bad News World
Practical Niddah
Fall Feast Decorations that Won’t Break the Bank

Activities, Recipes, Posters
Chocolate Chip Dream Bars
Decorate Your Sukkah Activity
Sukkot Word Search
1 John 2:3 Scripture Poster
Torah Portions September-November

Contributing Authors
Kayte Abaffy, Christy Jordan, Jennifer Hagner, Sharon Butler, Taylor Richards, Amy Guenther, Lisa Barthuly, Jennifer Hagner, Judith (Yehudit) Garton, Anne Elliott and Heidi Cooper

Summer 2018

My Greatest Gold
How to Survive Clutter in a One-Room Homeschool
Kazoos + Mezuzahs = Kazuzahs!
Mom, Love Your Children
Tzit Tzit in a Professional Setting
Lavender Footsie Scrub
7 Ways to Share Your Faith with Friends and Family
Bringing Grace to a World of Animosity
Bridging the Age Gap in Our Faith Through Mentorship
What is Tuesday at Two?
Five Ways to Have a Peaceful Shabbat
I Want a Marshmallow!

Activities, Recipes, Posters
Torah Portions July-August 2018
Sabbath Coloring Page
Ten Commandments Quiz
North Alabama Style Pulled Chicken BBQ
Romans 12:12 Scripture Poster

Contributing Authors

Christine Miller, Anne Elliott, Meredith Welborn, Heidi Cooper, Judith (Yehudit) Garton, Andi Schmidt, Kayte Abbafy, Christy Jordan, Danielle Kerr, Tessa Mitchell and Jennifer Hagner