About Torah Sisters:

Torah Sisters exists to encourage women who are believers in Yeshua (Jesus) and are pursuing Torah obedience. My goal is to provide articles, memes, links,products and words of encouragement to make your walk stronger and more enjoyable.

All of us come from varying backgrounds, and all of us are at different places in our walks. No matter where you are, you are welcome here. We avoid strife and arguing, but we do not waiver from our understanding of the most important Truths.

The magazine and website would be nothing without our wonderful contributor writers! Please click the links in their author bios, and learn more about them.

Also, I want you to know that some of the links to products or services you’ll see on this website are affiliate links.


About Me

I’ll tell you a little about me if you’re curious. My name is Amy Guenther and I own and run Torah Sisters. I live in Michigan with my three children. The Father brought me to Torah in early 2014 after a lifetime walking with my Savior in the mainstream church. Since coming to Torah, my walk is deeper than it ever was, and I love Yeshua and His Word more than I ever could have imagined. I have so many flaws and have so much to learn, but I have a desire to live more like Him every day.

I do make a little money here on this website from selling stuff and using affiliate links. I appreciate every precious little penny as I use it to support myself and my kids so I can afford to keep homeschooling them and not work outside the home. (Yes, I’m a single mom.) I also freelance as a marketing consultant and hold a registered nurse license.

Shalom and blessings,

Amy Guenther





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