Are you interested in contributing to Torah Sisters Magazine and Torah Sisters properties? I invite you to submit your work for consideration! Read all the details below to know how to proceed. (The details are important!)



The mission of Torah Sisters Magazine is to encourage the women in the Body of Messiah with a magazine full of articles, resources, and ads that are just for them. We don’t aim to teach any doctrine but to come alongside women who already have determined that they will follow Torah and Yeshua with helps for their faith walk. Articles will focus on practical aspects of Torah, Sabbath, Feasts, family, Biblically clean recipes, home, business, and, of course, encouragement.


Possible topics that especially interest me include: (NOTE: Also review the upcoming issue themes below.)

  • Practical help and ideas about Sabbath
  • Practical help and ideas about the Feasts
  • Practical help and ideas about eating clean
  • Things about tzit tzit
  • Recipes
  • Practical help and ideas about things specific to our Torah faith walk
  • Homeschooling
  • Home Business
  • Organizing
  • Cleaning Tips
  • Encouragement or Devotionals (I get the most of these. I welcome them, but please consider the other kinds of articles, too!)
  • Parenting
  • Marriage
  • Crafts, especially with pictures
  • Home Décor, especially with pictures
  • Homesteading/Gardening
  • Preparedness
  • I’m open to suggestions!
  • Remember, the things that seem mundane to you are the very things the Sisters want to hear about! I mean it!
  • Can be step by steps, lists, bullet points, “5 Things That…,” and so on.

Watch this video to understand what I’m looking for.


These are generally the topics that I don’t include in the magazine. HOWEVER, you never know! If you really feel led by the Spirit to send me something on this list, go ahead!
• Deep Teachings
• Trying to influence controversial doctrines
• Health advice
• Politics
• Anything very controversial
• NOTE: I do love all of these topics, and I hope you write stuff like that for your own blog so I can enjoy it! The Body needs these topics, too, but I just want to keep the magazine’s focus elsewhere for now. Naturally, I may change my mind in the future, so feel free to check back here.



To submit an article for consideration for publishing in Torah Sisters Magazine, email me your article following these instructions:

  1. Email
  2. Send one article per email. It’s okay to send me several emails!
  3. Include the title and article in the body of your email. Do not attach it as a file or pdf, or link to a document. Just paste it right into the body of the email.
  4. Put “Article Submission” in the subject line
  5. Also, in the body of your email, answer the following questions:
      • Do you agree to allow the Torah Sisters team to edit your article as needed?
      • Is this article already on your website? If yes, please include the link.
      • If it’s already on your blog, does Torah Sisters have your permission to use any images that are with it? (Only say “yes” if they are YOUR images.)
      • May the Torah Sisters team use your article for other purposes, including, but not limited to: publishing on the blog, podcast, youtube, and social media? (If this article is already on YOUR blog, say “no.”)
      • Did you read all of the details and agree to the terms on the Write for Torah Sisters page?
  6. Also, in the body of the mail, include the correct spelling of your name as you want it to appear in the magazine.
  7. Also, include a bio about yourself. No more than 600 characters and it may include up to two hyperlinks.
  8. I LOVE pictures! If you have images that go with your article and are willing to include them, please do so! Send the highest resolution images you have, preferably the ones directly from your camera, instead of downloaded from social media or your website. You can share a dropbox link or google drive link in your email with the photos if it’s easier.
  9. If I don’t know you well, it’s helpful if you include links to your social media profiles and website so I can get to know you better.



If you have a blog and are willing to let me use blog posts from it, email me and tell me about it! I’ll try to remember to keep an eye on it for things of interest. However, if you write something for your blog that you think I’ll love, please do send it as a submission following the instructions on this page so I don’t miss it. Thank you!



I cannot pay you. So, thank you for your contribution!

I’m looking for submissions from women who are mature in their keeping of Torah and are followers of Yeshua as their Savior and Messiah.  I may also consider articles from men.

You will have a bio after your article (up to 600 characters), where you can link to a couple of web properties and promote yourself or just share about yourself.  I pray that those of you with businesses, blogs, and ministries will be very blessed by the Sisters getting to know you through your articles and bios.

The magazine production timeline usually runs 4-6 months ahead of each issue. So, if you send me an article about Shavuot just one month before Shavuot, I will save it for NEXT year’s issue because it’s too late for production.

When you submit an article or any images for consideration, it becomes my right to publish it.  You cannot change your mind later and ask for it to be removed from the magazine or other properties. I offer back issues of magazines for years and years.

If your article and any images are already published on your own blog, then I do NOT want to publish them on our blog because the duplicate content will hurt us both. Please answer honestly if it’s already on your blog.

The Torah Sisters team may do some editing of your article. This mostly includes light editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and maybe some paragraph breaks or general rewording or arranging for ease of reading.  We won’t do heavy editing that changes the meaning or intent of what you wrote. Edits will not be approved by you. You may get emails from Christy Jordan, the editor, with notes or questions. Please respond to her emails quickly as we are always on a production timeline with deadlines.

The name you use for the Creator will not be changed or edited. It will remain how you write it.  Using “Jesus” instead of some version of His Hebrew name will lessen the chances of publication. I’m not very picky about the Father’s name. Use your own discernment. If you are unsure, I recommend using “Yeshua” and “YHWH.”

I will not notify you if I choose not to publish your article. Please watch the video on this page for more information about that.

Articles submitted will go into a “vault” for consideration for future issues. They may remain in the vault for years. But I will have them indexed and keep them for consideration!

About Images

All images should be sent in the highest resolution possible. Low-resolution images will likely not be used or maybe printed very small. Don’t send images that you downloaded from the internet. Rather, send images right from your phone or camera. Do not send stock photo images; only your images may be submitted. Include your full name, so I can credit you as the photographer.

About Recipes

Send me your recipes! They will also be edited slightly, just like articles. I will include your name as the contributor and one website link. (I do not include a bio for recipes.) Thank you!




I often have a theme for each issue. Below is the plan for upcoming issues. Feel free to submit something that fits the theme. If you do, please include the theme in the subject of your email, like “Article Submission: May/June Outdoor Hospitality.”

I also usually include other regular types of articles in each issue, too, not just the themed articles. Also, please know and understand that this is just a PLAN, and is certainly Yah-willing. Sometimes I have to change my plans and themes.

May/June 2023 Issue 12  Outdoor Hospitality, Shavuot and Picnic Foods Recipes


It could be about how to fellowship outside with bugs, a recipe for bug spray, how to keep bugs off potluck food, how to keep food cool and safe, how to care for elders at hot outside events, ideas for nighttime outside worship, “why every Hebrew should always keep camp chairs in their car,” Hosting a teen event in your backyard, “why summer is a great time to start a home fellowship in your yard,” “Dressing up a boring porch or deck for cheap. Also, Shavuot stuff! I’d love some stuff for Shavuot! Fun outside games for children and teens in big groups. Other ideas???
Send me summer-ish recipes for dishes that travel well and stay cool or warm for an outdoor date, picnic or fellowship. Sandwiches, salads, others?


July/August 2023 Issue 13  Gardening & Preserving and related recipes! 


Send me articles about gardening and preserving and recipes for preserving food, like jams, jellies, fermenting, pickling, dehydrating, and so on. I’d love articles that relate to all kinds of people, from those with big gardens to those with little herb pots in their apartments. Articles for experts to beginners are welcome. Please include pictures of your own if you have them! Don’t forget articles around the topic of gardening, like organizing seeds for next year, washing and storing canning jars, what makes a great pair of gardening gloves, and so on. In fact, I might prefer these kinds of articles because they will appeal to all gardeners, versus something like “How to grow the perfect beet.” I’d also be interested in articles about spiritual lessons and encouragement from gardening and harvesting.


September/October 2023 Issue 14  Fall Feasts articles and Feast Desserts


This one is easy! Send me articles about the Fall Feasts! Send me decoration ideas, things you do that are meaningful or fun, things about corporate worship, potlucks, parties, teaching children about the Feasts, and so on. I love to include things for all Fall Feasts, not just Sukkot. For recipes, please send me your best Feast desserts-whether to feed your family or a large group potluck! The Body of women will want to see both types.


November/December 2023 Issue 15  Sabbath Traditions and Challah Recipes


This issue will focus on Sabbath traditions. Send me articles about family fun, attending services, setting up for watching teachings, atmosphere, engaging the senses, special toys for children, and so on. Also, send me challah recipes! Remember, I like to have something for everyone, so send me fancy, complex recipes, but also simple ones for young women who aren’t good in the kitchen yet, a recipe a child can do, and so on. I’d love to see some traditional and innovative challah recipes. Pictures are welcome!


Finally, I want to say a big thank you to all of you who contribute articles! This publication is so meaningful for women in our community and they are so grateful to have this magazine. It’s all because of YOU! Thank you for doing this important Kingdom work.