Retreat Vendor Tables and Swag Bag

Interested in ways to get your business noticed during and before the retreat? Check out these options. Email me at for more information.



If you want some free advertising, donate gifts to the swag bags given to each attendee. I’m not looking for just advertisements, but attach your advertisement to a gift. For example, tape your business card to a free chapstick for each woman, or tie a flyer onto chocolate as a gift to each woman. Be creative. Go to Google and Pinterest for ideas on how to market your business with swag bag gifts!

You do not have to at the retreat to contribute to the swag bag. You can ship your items to me.

Email me at if you’re interested and I’ll let you know if what you’re promoting is a good fit.



$50 each, or share with a friend for $25 each

I have limited space for vendor tables, so I am opening up the tables only to those who sell Torah, Hebrew, or Bible-related goods.

Types of items that are a great fit are items that are specific to our Torah faith walk:

Tzit tzit, Hebrew language helps, Torah Homeschooling, Torah-related merchandise, Hebrew calendars, Verse decorations with the Names, etc

Types of items that I’m NOT looking for:

Things that you can buy at any flea market like oils, crafts, regular hair scrunchies, regular towels, home party plan direct sales merchandise, etc.


Email me and tell me about what you sell at

Things vendors should know

Vendors will be asked to donate a door prize valued at least $35.

I will provide a table and a chair or two.

I cannot promise exactly what your table will be like. The camp hasn’t yet told me where the vendor tables will be set up, except they told me they will not allow them in the cafeteria. You table might be six feet, or 8 feet, or maybe even round.

I also do not yet know exactly when the marketplace will be open. I know for sure the tables must be closed during tabernacle times and 15 minutes prior. I might just leave it up to you to be at your table whenever you want. You can leave a note or sign on your table saying what time you will be back, or even include your phone number so a lady can text to sort of make an appointment to meet you at your table at a certain time. I don’t want you to be tied to your tables! I want you to have fun and meet new ladies, too!

You may share a table with another woman. In fact, I encourage you to share because space will be limited.

Do not count on electrical hook up. Bring an extension cord if you might want one.

Bring your own tablecloth.

Bring another tablecloth to cover your table to discourage women from browsing it while you are away, if you want. You can also leave it exposed. That is up to you.

I cannot guarantee the security of your goods or anything left at your table. If something is very valuable, don’t leave it unattended.

Bring your own way to accept payments.

I recommend bringing small bills to make change. Do not ask the camp staff to make change for you.

In fact, do not ask the camp staff for any assistance. Please come to me or my staff first.

Bring your own supplies. Some supplies that might be useful are tape, permanent markers, a money box, envelopes, fanny pack, and so on.

Help each other. Borrow and share with other vendors as you are able. You will all become fast friends!


About your door prize

Each vendor must contribute a door prize worth at least $35. I will give these out at the beginning of each tabernacle service.  I will draw a name out of a hat. The winner must be present in the room to win.

Before I draw the name, I will hold up and show your item to the audience.  Include a 3×5 index card with the information I should read to the ladies about your item. You might write something like this: “This is from Amy at Torah Sisters. It is a set of 5 magazines valued at $45. Each magazine has several pages of articles, recipes and more to help you in your faith walk. You can get your own magazine at her table or at her website, Check out her T-shirts, too.”  Then I”ll probably have you stand up and wave, so the ladies will recognize you later.

When you arrive at the retreat, you’ll find a table in the tabernacle labeled “Door Prizes” Put your prize and the 3×5 card on that table. The ladies will be browsing the table and reading your cards during the retreat. Make sure it’s legible. Consider typing and printing it and then gluing it to the card.



Email me at if you’re interested in a vendor table or swag bag.