Advertising & Selling Opportunities

Want to get your business noticed at the retreat, even if you cannot attend?  Check out the options below.


Donate gifts to the swag bags given to each attendee if you want some free advertising. Below is some helpful information.

I’m not looking for just advertisements like flyers or business cards. Rather, give a free gift.

Your free gift cannot be just a coupon or discount code. Put those offers in your advertisement.

If you’re considering giving a gift for the swag bag, email me at  I’ll then know to keep in touch with you about how many people have registered. I’m expecting around 200, but it could be more.

Also, when you email me, tell me what you expect to give so I can make sure it’s a good fit.

Attach your advertisement or business card to your gift. I won’t do any assembly. Be sure your items are packaged and ready for me to drop into the swag bags.

You can use tape, string or cellophane bags from Amazon to attach your advertisement to your item. Maybe even include a little note.

You do not have to be at the retreat to contribute to the swag bag. You can ship your items to me.

If you’re attending, you may bring your gifts with you, but please arrive early, by 10:30 am.

Plan to get your items to me by May 1 if you’re not attending the retreat. Send your gifts to:

Torah Sisters

PO BOX 282

Perry, MI 48872


Here are some great swag ideas.

ChapStick, piece of chocolate, can of tea or iced coffee, pens or post-its (maybe even with your name on them), product samples, Bible verse cards, greeting cards, stickers, soap, lotion, or promotional items from a place like Vistaprint.

Your gift doesn’t have to be directly related to what you sell. It’s a way of building relationships with these women. Gift them whatever you want. Just be sure to include an advertisement with a call to action.

Be creative. Go to Google and Pinterest for ideas on how to market your business with swag bag gifts!

Thank you for donating swag bag gifts! I’ll be praying that the ladies will buy your product or service when they see your generosity!

Door Prize

The Sisters love the door prizes that are generously donated by Torah owned businesses.  You don’t have to attend to donate a door prize.

Donate a door prize valued at least $35.

I will give these out at the beginning of each tabernacle service.  I will draw a name out of a hat. The winner must be present in the room to win. Before I draw the name, I will hold up your gift and show it to the audience.

Include a 3×5 index card with the information I should read to the ladies about your item. You might write something like this: “This is from Amy at Torah Sisters. It is a set of 5 magazines valued at $45. Each magazine has several pages of articles, recipes and more to help you in your faith walk. You can get your own magazine at her table or at her website, Check out her T-shirts, too.”  Write it exactly how I will read it, in the third person. Typing it up is best so it’s very legible.

I’ll have a table on display during the entire retreat showcasing all donated prizes. Many women who like to “window shop” the prize table will view and touch your item. Again, make sure your 3×5 card is legible so they can read it. I’ll set your card on the table next to your item.

The best door prize is a best selling product.

But you can also gift other items, like a gift basket of chocolates or something else altogether, which is a great option if you sell a service. You could also donate a gift of your service for a month or whatever. Such as a free coaching session.

If you are attending, please put your prize and card on the prize table in the tabernacle shortly after you get unpacked.

If you are not attending, you should ship your item to me so that I have it by May 6.

Send it to:

Torah Sisters

PO BOX 282

Perry, MI 48872

Thank you for donating a door prize! I’ll be praying that the ladies will buy your product or service when they see your generosity!



Vendor tables are only for those selling Torah, Yeshua, Bible or faith-related items. But…

I don’t know yet if I’m selling vendor tables. Email me at to get on my waiting list so I can let you know if I am able to offer you a table. In your email, please include a link to your website and descriptions of what you would sell.

I don’t know if I’ll have enough room for all of you, but I’ll get as many in as I can. Space is a problem for vendor tables at this event. Last year I was able to offer vendor tables to everyone selling Bible/Torah stuff, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the space this year.

For now, I’m only offering vendor tables to the speakers as a thank you to them. As the Retreat gets closer in the Spring and I see how many women are registering, I’ll know if I room for more. If I have more room, I’ll email you.

So, this is a wonderful problem, but still a problem. But who knows what can happen?  Pray that I’ll find a solution that would allow for more vendor tables because I’d love to help you.