Why advertise with Torah Sisters?

Amy Guenther’s Torah Sisters is a fast growing community that offers a unique way to get your message in front of women who claim Yeshua as their Savior and keep Torah. The women who come here are not just visitors, but they are a family of sisters who are engaged with what I offer them. They are eager for products and services that will help them in their every day life. They are looking not only for faith-based products, but other mainstream products for their home and families.

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What am I looking for?

While I would love to work with everyone, I am very protective of the Torah Sisters audience. Your product does not have to be faith-based, but it must be complimentary to what a Believing woman would want in her home or life. Because I am so selective, I don’t have a lot of space for advertising, and will reserve it for products and services that are great fits for my audience.

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