New Coloring Book Printable!

Color the Torah Portions with this fun and pretty coloring book to print at home! It has one page for each of the Torah Portions. So, 54 pages in all! The images are based on florals, ivy, leaves, vines, and doodles. Add your own doodles in extra spaces or on the back!

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Torah Fellowship Tips

If you are unsure what a Torah fellowship is like or you want to fit in better, I've made a video for you! You can watch it below. And below the video, I've included the basic outline of my notes. I pray this helpful to you! If you are afraid of gathering with others...

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A Letter from Jaimie Bauer About Cancer

The following is a letter from my friend and contributor, Jaimie Bauer. Jaimie wrote this at a time when she is finding out her cancer is returning and she has an infection where they removed cancer a few months ago and did major surgery. She is now facing more...

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Someone hurt you? Punch Satan in the gut.

By Amy Guenther If you're reading this, then you've been hurt by someone. How do I know? Because all of us have been hurt by someone at some time. This is for those of you going through it right now. The degree to how we've been hurt may vary, but we've all been the...

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