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By Hannah Powers (See her bio at the end.)

To tell the Exodus story at Passover to my 3 & 5-year-old children, I set up some props around the house to walk them through the entire story. They got to be Moses/Aaron/Israelites, and even Dad got involved as Pharaoh.


Finding baby Moses in the river.

Making bricks as slaves.

Putting on their sandals and head covers and getting a staff to be Moses and Aaron.


Removing their sandals at the burning bush.


Going before Pharaoh and throwing down their staffs to become a snake.


Finding the 10 plagues in a sensory box.



Parting the Red Sea!


Walking through on dry land!


Pharaoh followed them.


The sea engulfed Pharoah.


About Hannah

Hi! I’m Hannah Powers from Edgerton, Ohio. I am married to Josh and we have 3 kids, Lucille (5), Jedidiah (4), and Josiah (1). We own and operate a lawn irrigation business and homeschool our children. Over the past 3-4 years we’ve been learning more about following the whole bible and, like most moms, I enjoy finding inspiration from other families so I was happy to share this little bit of fun with you all. Happy Passover!