Torah Sisters Retreat

November 2-4 (Maybe) | Grass Lake, Michigan


I’m beginning to plan the 2020 Torah Sisters Retreat! I am looking at doing it November 2-4, 2020. The cost will likely be around $225-$250, and that will include meals and shared sleeping arrangements. Please keep in mind, this is all tentative at this point.


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Theme to be announced soon!

In 2019, we had a them of “women of shalom.” The 2020 theme will be announced soon.

Chapel Descriptions coming soon.



To be announced soon! You will LOVE them!


Faholo Conference Center

3000 Mt. Hope Road

Grass Lake, MI 49240


November 2-4, 2020 (Likely, but still tentative.

Check-in begins at 2:00 on Monday. The retreat begins with dinner at 5:30 pm.

The retreat ends at 4:00 on Wednesday. There may be an option to stay one more evening for those with long travel.

Save your spot!

I want you all to come, but the fact is that I have to be on a contract with Faholo camp. If I sell out the rooms I currently have on contract, I’ll call the camp and ask to add more rooms to my contract, but it depends on if they have already sold the rooms to another group. So, please, plan ahead and buy your ticket right now. The meeting room has limited space, too, which is why even if you are staying off camp, you should buy your ticket now.

Full package


  • Retreat Ticket for 3 days
  • Lodging 2 nights in a shared room with 2 other women.
  • Staying in the Lodge. (The nicest accomdations.)
  • Bathroom in your room.
  • All meals included (six total)

Full package


  • Retreat Ticket for 3 days
  • Lodging 2 nights in a shared room with 2 to 12 other women.
  • You will likely share a room with 7 women.
  • Some may have to use top bunks.
  • Bathrooms will be in your room, or a very short walk down the hall.
  • All meals included (six total)

Sleep off camp


  • Retreat Ticket for 3 days


Tentative Schedule

This schedule may change, but it will give you an idea of what the retreat will be like.

Monday, November 2

2:00-5:30 Check in, move in, marketplace open, fellowship time

5:30 Dinner

7:00 Chapel

9:00-10:30 Snacks in the Lodge lounge

Tuesday, November 3

8:30 Breakfast

10:00 Chapel

12:30 Lunch

1:30-5:30 Fellowship/free time!

2:00 Optional breakout sessions to be announced

5:30 Dinner

7:00 Chapel

9:00-10:30 Snacks in the Lodge lounge

Wednesday, November 3

8:30 Breakfast

10:00-12:30 Fellowship/free time

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Chapel

3:30 Pack up & go home renewed and refreshed!

We must all be checked out by 10:00. Just put your stuff in your car, and keep enjoying the Retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to cancel?

I’d be so sad if you are not able to come for some reason! However, I cannot give refunds. You may sell or give your ticket to someone else. Just please let us know if you transfer your ticket or cannot come.

Can I bring my daughter?

If your daughter is 18 or over, I’d love for her to join us!

Can I bring my nursing infant?

No, we do not have accommodations for nursing infants and we want to create an atmosphere for just adult women.

Can I pay for just one or two days?

No, I’m selling tickets for the entire event only. You can come for just part of the event, but you must buy a ticket for the entire thing, even if you are unable to come. If you need to arrive late, please let me know.

Can I come but stay somewhere else?

Yes! You can come just for the days but sleep in a hotel, at home or anywhere. Buy the appropriate ticket above.

Will there be coffee?

Most definitely! 

Will it snow?

It could snow in early November in Michigan.. If you are concernced and are investing a lot into your travel plans, you may want to consider buying travel insurance just in case. I, myself, buy travel insurance anytime I book airfare. Refunds cannot be given if you cannot make it due to weather.

What should I pack?

Some ideas of things to pack: Bible, boots, coat, gloves, travel coffee mug, water bottle, swimsuit and a tote bag for carrying your stuff around during the day. If you’re staying at the camp, be sure to pack twin size bed sheets, blankets, towels, washcloths, and toiletries. You can pay extra to have linens provided when you buy your ticket. Packing earplugs and a sleep mask might be a good idea if you’re a light sleeper. Another smart thing to pack might be a small extension cord with extra outlets since you’ll be sharing outlets for charging your phones.

Will the food be clean?

Yes! The kitchen staff at this facility will accommodate our Biblically clean diet (not kosher) and have done this for other groups as well.

What are the rooms and bathrooms like? Can I request a roommate?

See the gallery of pictures above to see images of the insides of some of the rooms. The rooms are shared with a few to several other women. Some women may have to use the top bunks. (Let the young ladies have that privilege.) You’ll need to bring your own twin size bedding and towels. This is a camp, not a hotel. I took a tour of the camp and found it to be very clean and tidy. Sharing rooms allows for ladies to become close friends fast! We are here to build relationships more than anything, right? You can request a friend(s) to have in your room when you buy your ticket, and I’ll do my best, but I cannot guarantee it will work out.

The bathrooms are camp bathrooms, so they are shared. Some of you will share a one-seater and one shower bathroom with five other women. Some of you will share a multi-stall and multi-shower bathroom with several women. All the showers have privacy. All of the bathrooms are either attached to your sleeping room, or in the same building. You do not have to go outside to get to a restroom. Bring your own towels and toiletries.

Will the sessions be recorded?

The sessions will be recorded and access to the audio and/or video of the sessions will be available for sale after the event. You are not allowed to record the sessions in any way.

Will there be a marketplace?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to browse and shop products, services, and ministries from your Torah Sisters. Come with a list of upcoming gifts you need to buy for loved ones. If you have a business, click here to learn more about having a marketplace table.

Will there be walking?

Yes, this is a camp, so there will be a little walking. The main places you will walk to are your sleeping quarters, the dining hall and the meeting room. It’s all close together, though. Your car will stay parked. If you have a disability, there are some parking spots at each of these buildings for a few of our Sisters to drive back and forth. Most of us will walk.

Can I buy a ticket at the door?

No, I’m sorry, but I will not be able to sell tickets at the door.

Will there be Christmas decorations there?

It’s very possible there will be some Christmas decorations at this camp as I cannot control what they do. I did ask and they assured me there will be no Christmas decorations in the room where will we meet to worship and teach.

Does the camp have any rules?

Yes, indeed, the camp facility does have some rules we must abide by. There is no alcohol or smoking allowed on the property.

What about pronunciation of the name and other controversial matters?

At Torah Sisters, I’ve always insisted that this be a place of shalom and no arguing or hurt feelings, and the Retreat will certainly be the same. There are a wide variety of beliefs among Torah Sisters who will come to the retreat. All of us believe the Yeshua is Messiah and the source of our salvation and that as believers, we are to keep Torah. But beyond that, there are differing interpretations of scripture in several matters.

Some of these matters that many of us interpret differently are:

  • how to say the name of YHWH
  • which calendar
  • Judaism
  • head coverings
  • women wearing tzittzit
  • what the word “Christian” means
  • taking medication
  • which kinds of food ingredients are clean
  • and so on.

You’ll find that even I sometimes say “Lord,” or “God,” and even “Jesus.” If any of these types of matters are so important to you that it would hinder peaceful fellowship, then this is not the retreat for you. However, the Father has shown such astounding grace to us that surely it is an easy matter for us to be able to show that grace to others. Please remember that while we may have our differences, we are of one accord in many things and this retreat is to be one of shalom and grace among us.

About the drinking water

The camp has city water. I recommend bringing a water bottle and filling up with ice water at the dining hall at meals to take with you. There is also a drinking fountain at the tabernacle where we will have our chapels.

If you have special water needs, please bring your own water. Be considerate of your roomates, though, because there may not be room for you to have a whole case of water. Consider leaving it in your car and bring in a few bottles at a time. This will also help keep it cool as there is no refridgerater available for Retreat attendees. I provide bottled water for my staff and speakers only.

A portion goes to the poor, widows and orphans

A portion of the revenue from ticket sales for this retreat (and all Torah Sisters magazines and products) goes to help the poor, widows and orphans around the world. I’m committed to giving some of what we spend on ourselves at this retreat back to YHWH by giving it to an organization that is run by Torah keeping folks at King’s Ransom Foundation who make sure every penny goes to the poor. I’ve met some of the folks who run this organization and they are the real deal. They love Yeshua and the poor.


Thanks to our sponsors for making this event extra special!

Interested in being a sponsor? Email me at

There are also opportunities for attendees to have a vendor table and put something awesome in the swag bag.