Build Your Business with Tips from Amy

I’m starting this page to help you with tips, resources, and ideas to help you start and grow your business!  More to come! Be sure to get on my email list below to get notified of new resources, podcasts, videos and more!

My Favorite Tools and Resources for Business & Ministry

These are my favorite services, products and more for business and ministry. Note that most or all of these are affiliate links.

FloDesk is who I use for sending Emails. You’ll get a big discount when you sign up through my link.

Shopify is who I use to run my store.

Printify is my favorite right now for making shirts, mugs, and more.

Canva is my most used tool! I use it for making marketing images, memes and creating my pdf downloads. LOVE it!

LiquidWeb is who I use for hosting my websites.

Buzzsprout is who I use for putting out my podcast. You’ll get a little bonus when you sign up for a paid account with my link.