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Lea and James DiNonno have a delightful youtube channel for your children with animated readings of Bible series and the Little House on the Prarie Collection.

Homeschooling Torah has Torah-based, Yeshua-centered homeschooling curriculum. Because we believe that the Bible reveals all of history (past, present, and future), it just makes sense to use the Bible as our primary history textbook.

Bible Pathway Adventures' mission is to help parents and educators around the world disciple their children. How do we do this? With our free printable activities, Teacher Packs, and Activity Books – all created to help children learn a Biblical faith in a fun creative way.

Crystal Calhoun is the talented graphic designer behind the beautiful Torah Sisters Magazine. Get in touch with her for graphic design, website design, marketing help and more. I highly recommend her work!


The Truth: Reformation 2.0 is an apologetics resource that reveals harmful contradictions in popular Christian theology. Inside you’ll find: the biblical case for keeping (even more of) God’s law, practical insights into what laws can be kept today and why, 27 contradictions in popular theology solved, Venn Diagrams and illustrations that visually contrast true and false doctrines, and clear language and a simple framework you can use to articulate your beliefs.

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