Connect with other women who follow Yeshua and keep Torah

I’ve made a map so you can find like-minded groups of women near you!

The map is below, but first, you must know:

  • I’m not in charge of these groups. They are independently run. I cannot “vet” them in any way. They are not affiliated or associated with Torah Sisters or Amy Guenther.
  • I cannot even guarantee all of these groups are still active. It is up to them to update their information here.
  • Find a group near you and email or call the contact to get more information about when and where they meet.

Click here to submit your women’s group or event.

**NOTE: As you can see, there’s not much here, YET! This was launched on November 15, 2021. Give it some time. Bookmark this page, and set a reminder for yourself to come back and check it every month or so. I’ll be promoting it and trying to get ladies to add their groups. Also, please consider starting a group! Yes, YOU! 🙂  **

More Videos

I pray these additionals videos about attending, starting and running a ladies’ group are helpful!