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You can find this article in the March/April Issue 2023 11 Issue 10 of Torah Sisters Magazine.

“It really bothers me — you can do all the feast days in the Old Testament, but if you’re not acknowledging the fact that the Son of God rose from the dead, you’re kind of missing the point.”

Ouch! The hard truth is, the person who shared their heart with me at that moment wasn’t wrong. As whole Bible Believers, celebrating Yeshua’s resurrection should be our cornerstone, yet all too often we get sucked into traditions of old without embracing the reason why we are able to take part: Yeshua rose from the dead, lives, and has grafted us into the family of Israel. Without this miraculous fact, we would still be stuck in bondage, in desperate need of a Savior, and the feast days would be void of any deeper meaning.

So when it comes to First Fruits — Resurrection Day — it truly should be one of the greatest celebrations of the year! However, it often gets overlooked simply because it’s not a sabbath day, and very few instructions are given about observing it. However, that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating this day that is so special to us as Believers — in a way, it’s our set-apart feast day since the Jewish people can’t understand the depth of this holiday until their eyes are opened to Yeshua being Messiah! While not much detail is given in the original commandment (Leviticus 23), we should be spurred on with excitement and joy to celebrate our risen Savior Who conquered death and hell. Thank God the story didn’t end on Passover in the tomb! Yeshua is alive, and because He lives, our faith is confirmed, and we have eternal hope.

This year, I challenge you to do something special to recognize First Fruits beyond just seeing it written on the calendar. Below are some ideas that I hope will help jumpstart your creativity and draw your heart into planning a day of worship for the One we owe everything to!


Sunrise at the Lake

We see throughout the Gospels that Yeshua often got up early in the morning to spend time in prayer, and it was also early in the morning on the first day of the week that the women discovered that He had risen from the grave (Luke 24). In John 21, we see that Yeshua additionally appeared to his disciples early in the morning on the lakeshore — so why not recognize His resurrection by watching the sunrise at the lake? Pack a thermos of coffee to keep you warm and caffeinated, read through the resurrection accounts, play some worship music, and journal your thoughts on what this day means to you as a Believer.


Breakfast of One Accord

Because Yeshua lives, we are able to live in unity, break bread together, and show love to our brothers and sisters in the Lord! If you plan to go watch the sunrise, why not gather a group of Believers to go with you — or plan a brunch for later in the day? We see that Yeshua made His disciples breakfast on the beach (John 21), so what could be more perfect than a picnic breakfast? If the logistics of providing food seem too overwhelming, go out for breakfast with everyone after your time of worship, or ask everyone to pack their own food. Perhaps you have too many families with young children who cannot make such an early morning — host a special brunch at your home later in the day. Regardless of dynamics and logistics, there’s always a creative solution, and it is a blessing to gather with other Believers!


Testify of Salvation

Gather with other Believers. Take turns sharing your salvation testimony. What a beautiful day to testify of the saving power we have through Yeshua because He lives! If you’re by the lake, give the opportunity to anyone who wants to be baptized. Celebrate the new life we have in Him! If you don’t have anyone to fellowship with, call up a friend and share your testimony with them that way. We should always be ready to testify to the hope we have! (1 Peter 3:15)


Create a Playlist for the Day

What are some songs that remind you of Yeshua’s conquering power over sin, death, and the grave? Do you have any favorites that celebrate His resurrection or the fact that He reigns at the right hand of God? Create a playlist you can have on repeat throughout the day to remind you of all He has done!


Give Your Firsts

The feast of First Fruits was a time to give the first of your grain to the priest as a wave offering (Leviticus 23). You may not have grain, but in the same spirit, what is something you can offer back to God? Perhaps it’s the first produce of your garden, the first portion of your paycheck, the first of your baked goods, or the first of your canned preserves. Donate to a local food bank or charity — even better, bless someone in your community that you know has been going through a hard time and needs some encouragement.


Fish on the Menu

After His resurrection, Yeshua cooked fish for his disciples (John 21), so what a great meal choice to end First Fruits! Go fancy with salmon or white fish dinner, or super simple with fish tacos. The point isn’t a perfect presentation, it’s about giving yourself and others another tangible reminder of Yeshua’s resurrection.


Resurrection Gospel Readings

Matthew 28
Mark 16:1-18
Luke 24:1-49
John 20
John 21

Additional Readings

John 11:25-26
Romans 5:6-11
Romans 6:1-11
Romans 8:31-39
1 Corinthians 15:1-28
2 Corinthians 5:14-21
Ephesians 2:1-7
Philippians 2:5-11
Colossians 1:9-18
1 Peter 1:3-12


Discussion Questions

What is one word that comes to your mind when you think of Yeshua’s resurrection?
In what ways are the Gospel accounts the same, and in what ways different?
Like the women at the tomb, and the disciples whose lives were forever changed by the risen Messiah, how have you encountered Yeshua in a life-changing way?
How do you practically, daily, die to self and live for God?
Because Yeshua lives, what do we have hope for?


Picnic Breakfast Ideas

Quick and easy: Large thermos of coffee, cut fruit, and individual yogurt cups
Baked with love: Pre-made casseroles (try a matzah breakfast casserole or egg bake) that can be served cold
Share the Cereal: Provide the milk and paper bowls, then ask everyone to bring their favorite Unleavened Bread cereal to share.


Brunch Ideas

Matzah charcuterie: Serve matzah paired with different flavors of cream cheese and herbed butter, along with lox, capers, olives, hummus, and veggies.
Almond or rice flour crepes: Give options for a crepe bar with sweet fillings (nut butters, chocolate, whipped cream, fruit) or savory fillings (scrambled eggs, sautéed veggies, cheese, sour cream)
Yogurt parfaits: Have guests create their own parfaits in fancy wine glasses by layering yogurt, jam, fresh fruit, and matzah granola.


Ideas for a Fish Dinner

Salmon: Maple Pecan Crusted Salmon with Sweet Potato Fries
White Fish: Lemon Herb Butter White Fish with Roasted Baby Red Potatoes
Other Ideas: Fish Tacos with Corn Avocado Salsa, Homemade Gluten Free Fish Sticks (without leavening) and Tarter Sauce, Tuna Salad on Matzah with Cabbage Apple Slaw


Victoria Humphrey Reid is an author of multiple books (, a certified Biblical Life Coach and Art Ministry Facilitator, and is passionate about helping women reach their full potential by knowing who they are in Yeshua. She is a wife to an Air Force veteran, boy mama, and lives out of their RV in Southeast Virginia. You can find her online on Instagram @withlovefromvictoriablog or send her an email at