I pulled together several great resources that talk about how to do the Fall Feast! Surf over to these websites to learn the “why” behind doing the Fall Feasts, what the Bible says about how to observe them, and ideas for new and fun traditions to start.

Note that all of these resources are from folks who celebrate Yeshua and the Gospel as the central theme of the Fall Feasts!

Torah Sisters Magazine

Get Fall Feast back issues of Torah Sisters magazine!

Torah Sisters on YouTube

Click here to see a playlist of videos I made last year for each of the Feasts, explaining briefly how I observe them. Look for a video about each of the Feasts.



There are several articles about the Fall Feasts at SeekingScripture.com by Christy Jordan and her contributing authors.

You’ll especially love this article about how to celebrate Sukkot.


Land of Honey Blog

There are several articles about the Fall Feasts at Land of Honey blog by Taylor Richards. You’ll find several of her blog posts in Torah Sisters Magazine because I love her Feast ideas for celebrating and decorating! Click here to see tons of her Feast articles.

From Anne Elliott

This free download workbook from Anne Elliott will take you verse by verse through the Scriptures that will show you what the Bible says about why and how to observe the Feasts.