I get asked often for a list of resources for teaching Bible and Torah to kids and teens, so here you go! Below are my favorite and most relevant resources.

It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway…  Please remember that I cannot possibly vet all of these resources. I likely agree with a lot of what they have if you see me sharing them, but I cannot look at everything, and I doubt I agree with any ministry 100%. Use what you enjoy, skip the parts you don’t appreciate.

And please remember to support these folks! If they sell stuff, but something. If they have an email list, get on it. They likely spend a great deal of time creating all this wonderful content for our community. At least send them a note of thanks and tell them how their stuff is helping your family. Notes like that are such an encouragement to content creators!

From TorahFamily.org… Back in the day, Steve used to be a Youth Minister. With that in mind, there’s a saying that goes, “Once a Youth Minister, always a Youth Minister.” Steve agrees. He’s always had a heart for reaching out to Youth. He just hasn’t always had the right opportunities available that fit his schedule. It is his hope to start utilizing this page for that very reason. It will be an ever-developing page with teachings and articles geared for teenagers and teenagers at heart. Also visit their page, “By Children, For Children” that has more just for kids!

You’re just moments away from the essential curriculum, support, and fellowship you need to homeschool your entire family from the Scriptures, with tools you can just pick up and use each day. Best of all, your curriculum can be firmly based on the Written Torah, pointing to Yeshua as Messiah.

Parents have been teaching their children for thousands of years. What better way to teach them God’s Ways than with fun and creative activities. We want to encourage the type of discipleship that begins in the home and spreads outwards to the body of Messiah. That’s why we created printable Bible Activity Books for kids – to help kick-start this lifetime journey. Perfect for Beginners and Kids Ages 6-12 years.

My name is Heidi Cooper and I created this site to help you build a solid foundation for your family, starting with the Torah and culminating in the life and ministry of Yeshua, our Savior. I provide resources to help you grow spiritually as a family. You’ll find tips and tools for everything from nature study, to keeping Shabbat, to copying Scripture.

Trained Up In Torah is a virtual community of Hebrew parents endeavoring to assist one another and others in training up our children, in The Way, after Messiah, unto Elohim, through Torah, with a weekly Virtual Sabbath School, unit lesson, for K-5.

We are a Youth/Children’s ministry that provides free teaching materials to parents and Sabbath school teachers to assist you in your instruction to train up a child in Torah. Feel free to explore to check out what we offer.

Context for Kids is an offshoot of Ancient Bridge Publishing – teaching kids Ancient Near Eastern and First Century Scriptural Context.

Our goal is to make Torah Town a special place where families can receive Bible knowledge and understanding of the Torah in a way that is fun, informative, and can challenge children to grow in the foundation of their personal walk of faith with our Creator and His Son. We offer many unique ways for the entire family to discover and learn about scripture. Coloring pages, lesson books, activity guides, video games, movies, and shows.

Torah Portions – For Kids! Go through the Torah Cycle with your children and teach them the heart of our Father!