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I asked the Torah Sisters on Facebook, “What is one way you decorate for the Spring Feasts that you think others might not have thought of?

We do spring flowers, roasted leg of lamb, Spring veggies, and decorate in blue. -Jennifer

It’s not a decoration, but we made a gingerbread Exodus setup. This won’t work if you believe we aren’t to use baking powder/soda unless you do it before ULB. Then we read the Exodus story and the children used the figures to act it out. We even had two lamb cookies stuck together with jam. We cut the cookie and used the jam around the door of our little house. -Tracy


For counting the Omer, I put three handfuls of wheat in a large jar each day, with the numbers of the days added as I go. -Wendy

We hang red cord over our doorpost. -Amber

We hang red streamers in the doorway. It gets the children’s attention and opens discussions about Passover night and how our Messiah covers us. -Rachael

We have a little stuffed lamb we bring out. We put “blood” on the doorposts of the front door. We put lots of flowers in vases out and set the table center piece. I’ve been looking for fake hyssop to put in a vase, still can’t find any. I use wheat themed napkin rings and have a wheat themed table runner. -Cindy

I like to do a chalkboard for the holidays. -Donna


We have an interactive story reading of the first exodus. The kids dress up and re-enact the plagues. -Catie


We brought in pallets and reclined for our 1st Passover meal. Wondering if we’ll continue to do so going forward! -Ashley


I use all the fancy china when feasting. And everything but the white plates was thrifted, estate sale, or dollar store:) And always fresh wild spring flowers or magnolia leaves. But my favorite part is we set an extra plate at the head of the table to remind us of the day we will sit and feast with Yeshua in the kingdom. Rev 3:20 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. -Amy


I do bright spring flowers. We hang a red scarf over our door for Passover and have a stuffed lamb that only comes out at that time. I’m really not much of a decorator. -Kimberly

We do a counting the Omer paper chain that we hang across the mantle and we pull one off each day till we get to the last one. -Dora

We dress in white, but I love putting a touch of red in our decorations. – Nesha


I have a little stuffed lamb we keep on the table when decorating. -Tina


We do some special things that have become our traditional Passover decorations. The special Matza plate, Elijah’s cup, our big Menorah and all of our various smaller sized Menorahs, our big Shofar and all of our various sizes of smaller Shofars, our toy lion & lamb, along with realistic toy lambs, shofars, candles, & Seder plates on each table, strips of red shiny paper on the door posts, and stuffed lambs for every child to take home with them are all set out. Last year, the Dogwood trees were in bloom during Passover & my Daddy helped me gather bouquets of them for the centerpieces & to scatter around the room, which was a very special blessing! -Carol


We do a basket filled with all things fruit for First Fruit like Fruit-scented pens, fruit sweets, fruit clothing, and so on. You could do fruit erasers, bath product, etc. -Emmaline

For First Fruits and the first day of the Omer, we’ve done many things. Some years this count was in silly string resulting in a 50-can spree on Shavuot, and we’ve counted with little Lego bricks (each day had something in it, maybe only a clue to send them on a quest, maybe a verse.) Lately, we’ve gone to adding a candle each day until we reach 50. On day 50, we reflect on how the Holy Spirit appeared as ‘tongues of flame.’ -Delle