This is a guest post by Lisa Plank.

NOTE: This article is also in the November/December 2022 Issue 9 of Torah Sisters Magazine. Get it quick while it’s still available in print!

Finding or starting a community isn’t always easy, especially if everyone lives 1-2 hours apart, as is the case with our group!

Here are a few things our Sabbath group has started to do recently to help us become more like a community. One lady in our group is very gifted in organization. She started a group text that includes all the men and women we fellowship with regularly. This allows us to be able to send out prayer requests when it is needed. This is very strengthening for our group because at one point there seemed to be attacks from the Enemy on everyone and in this way we could support each other during that time, in addition to receiving updates on how things are going. It also allows everyone to share progress on projects they might be working on which can be very motivational.

They have also started another group text with only the ladies, because we are planning on having more ladies’ days to share encouragement, and grow closer friendships. They have included single girls, too. I think this is so special! Single girls need to learn from the older women in their life and what an amazing opportunity for older women to speak and teach into the lives of younger women.

Those with special training or talents have started gathering every second Sunday of the month to share skills. For example, one Sunday we may learn about water purification, and the next Sunday we learn how to make bread and cookies with fresh ground wheat, in addition to learning the health benefits one gets from it. On another occasion, someone with bees taught us how to care for them. We all want to learn more about homesteading. The person with the skill is the one to host. This also creates bonding time in everyday life, outside of Sabbath studies, which I feel is very important to building a community.

Try some of these tips! You may be surprised how well it works to draw closer to the people you fellowship with regularly.


About Lisa

My name is Lisa Plank. I live with my parents and 4 sisters on a lovely 57 acre farm. We have lots of animals – cows, horses, sheep, chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats. (Have I forgotten anything?!) Although our life is busy and sometimes hectic with running our family-owned business building custom kitchens, we, as a family are passionate about homesteading and the simple things in life. When we’re not making kitchens you can find us in our gardens, sitting on the porch, with the animals or simply enjoying the great outdoors.