So… I will be having thirteen children at Passover at my home this year, and they range from baby to school age. Needless to say, I’m working hard to plan a seder that will keep them engaged and learning. After all, one of the commands of Passover is to teach our children and help them to remember the Exodus to point them to our redemption in Yeshua.

I’m spending loads of time on Pinterest lately looking for ideas for the kids for my Passover meal and program. One of the things I’ve been specifically looking for is a cute way to tell the Exodus story that won’t bore them out of their minds. I wanted just a little something extra other than me just talking at them. If they can participate in some way, that’s a good start, and if the little ones can keep their hands busy, that’s even better.

Many fancy schmancy Pinterest crafts showed up the search results, and well, I’m really not that crafty. Plus, time before the Feast is running out and I just don’t have time to plan out a big involved craft, much less execute it with any kind of grace. I’m the queen of Pinterest fails!

Anyway, after much searching and inspiration, I settled on this idea… just some simple images of the ten plagues to print and cut out! I can print and I can cut! Yay, easy peasy!  I created the printable myself and have a plan to use it for telling the story WITH the kids. That’s right, they each will have a little part.  Here’s how…

There are 10 plague images that will be cut out, then glued on to popsicle sticks like little signs. There are also two more signs. One says, “No!” The other says, “Let my people go!” Each kid gets a sign. Thankfully, the thirteenth kid at my Passover is a baby, so it’s perfect! If you have more kids, just print another set and let the kids “team up.”

I plan to make the kids act out the story, as I narrate and direct. They can hold up their signs at the right time. I can ask them which plague they think comes next, and so on. My goal is to keep them engaged! I’ll let the oldest two be Moses and Pharoah. I may have all the kids act out the plague, like charades. Maybe I could have the kid with the sign act it out, and have the other kids guess it, and then he reveals his sign after they guess.

I also have black and white images of these, and may let the kids color them during the seder, then quickly glue onto the craft sticks right before story time. It only requires a small amount of glue, so it dries very quickly. They could do it while I clear the table, even.

I’m selling this printable for your use, too! This is something I designed for myself, but I love to share. I pray it’s useful to some of you “less crafty” mamas, like me. 🙂 I want to know your ideas for this little printable. Leave comments, please!

Click here to download your set of my “Ten Plagues Printable 2107”!