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“Blood on the Doorpost” Passover Decoration

It seems us Hebrews have a hard time getting ideas for how to decorate our homes for the feasts, so I thought I'd share this easy decoration idea that my kids and I made last year. But it's not just easy and decorative, it's deeply meaningful, as well. As you can see...

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How I Got my Facebook Shalom Back

By Amy Guenther I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love that it's instant "company." I can go to my Facebook app anytime and see what's happening in the world and engage with friends instantly. But I also hated it for a time. Facebook stole my shalom....

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7 Ways Kids Can Give Tzedakah

By Talia Carbis of The Climbing Tree Hands up if as a child, your mother ever told you “You have to eat your dinner. There are children starving in Africa!”, and being the cheeky kid you were you replied, “Well here, they can have my leftovers!”. Of course, your...

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