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We place our faith and salvation in Yeshua’s shed blood.  The fruit of our salvation is following the whole Word of God, which is walking out Torah in love the best we can because we are no longer Gentiles, but grafted-in Israelites lifting up the name of Yeshua, our Savior.

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Slow Cooker Potluck Recipe Collection

  • 25 Recipes

  • Biblically clean

  • Perfect for Sabbath potlucks

  • Make ahead friendly for prep day

  • “Saucy” recipes that won’t dry out by Sabbath oneg

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Coffee Mug Decal!  Perfect for Feast Gifts!

  • Start each morning with coffee and a reminder to seek Yeshua first.

  • This is a decal/sticker that you can put on any coffee mug.

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  • Get this beautifully designed printable to keep track of the week’s Torah Portions.

    Many torah keeping believers use this schedule to read through the entire Torah each year. It also includes readings from the prophets and the New Testament.

    You get two pages that include the scheduled readings from August 6, 2016 until July 8, 2016.

    You can read these on your computer, or print them.

    Tape them to the wall by your desk, kitchen table or on to your fridge. Or put them in a binder.

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7 Ways Kids Can Give Tzedakah

By Talia Carbis of The Climbing Tree Hands up if as a child, your mother ever told you “You have to eat your dinner. There are children starving in Africa!”, and being the cheeky kid you were you replied, “Well here, they can have my leftovers!”. Of course, your... read more

Apple Stuffed Challah for Rosh Hashanah

This is a guest post by Talia Carbis. Visit her blog at Hands up if you’re already starting to think about the Fall Feasts? I am! They are my favourite holidays. The whole season is filled with such joy and my kids look forward to it so much.... read more

Sukkot Site Lists 2016

Here are lists of Sukkot sites for 2016. Do you know of another list?  Tell me about it and I’ll add it. read more

When Your Teen is Resistant to Torah

Recently, a reader asked me this question, “I’m a Messianic Jew Torah Observant for 7 years now, and I really would like to see information how you parents do the transition from Pentecostal , or Christian to be Messianic Jew Torah Observant, with their... read more

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